The heart of the Okima’s production facilities is manufacturing of die-casting moulds. It is the foundation of Okima’s business and looks back over decades of experience and tradition. The combination of latest technology and determined team assures that it can challenge any requirements of its clients on demand and supply high quality products with competitive prices.

Okima offers its services as a leading supplier with a package of services including consultancy, design, manufacturing and testing of moulds, as well as cost-effective die-casting production. All this is available with short lead times to the benefit of its clients.

Its die-casting moulds have long service lives and maximum precision. The basis of this success in mould making is superior production structures in combination with modern toolmaking technologies.

Okima’s ongoing investment programme ensures that the latest technology is employed to minimize production costs and enhance product quality.

Die casting moulds are developed, produced and tested according to maximum quality standards which allow mould lives to be guaranteed that in many cases can reach far beyond the usual. Okima’s first-class production is certified by quality standard DIN: EN ISO 9001:2008.