High pressure die-casting

High pressure die casting

Through the reflection of its know-how and expertise in die-cast mould manufacturing, Okima has become a premium manufacturer in high pressure aluminum die-casting for automotive, machine, and many other industrial areas.

It assures a production that provides its clients a competitive advantage, using an all-embracing concept and extensive expertise with high-pressure aluminum die-casting components.

Okima delivers high quality aluminum die cast parts and components with the highest precision at competitive prices. And its’ skilled team works with clients from concept through production to delivery to ensure that final products reach client’s demands in terms of performance, cost, quality, and on-time delivery.

The Quality Control Dept. systematically carries out controls of the alloys, process controls of the activity of the melting pots, casting centers as well as the produced batches inspection by making use of proper modern equipment. For critical components, Okima provides X-ray, dye penetrant and pressure testing. Its first-class service is certified by quality system DIN: EN ISO 9001:2008.